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When you need to complete your software projects yesterday! 

  • Quick and Reliable Software Development, Upgrade and Licensing for Efficient and highly productive software systems Quick and Reliable Software Development, Upgrade and Licensing for Efficient and highly productive software systems Why Risk or Worry? Turnaround your business improvement quicker and reliably. Exploit our 11+ Years experience in delivering highly reliable software and turnkey solutions to make business systems easy, efficient and highly productive.
  • Realise your Vision - Captilise on Envision IT's Innovation and R & D Capability Realise your Vision - Captilise on Envision IT's Innovation and R & D Capability Exploit our Intellectual Capital and Enhance Productivity and efficiency. Leaders in innovative software and products Development. Sub-contract your R & D tasks for fixed cost delivery, Supplier for VIC Government Innovation Voucher (IVP) and Technology Voucher Programs (TVP)
  • Envision, Visualise and Realise your big data Envision, Visualise and Realise your big data Unleash the hidden potential in your big data to your competitive advantage in commercial world and better governance in Government
  • Buy Software - Adobe, Microsoft and Oracle Licensing Buy Software - Adobe, Microsoft and Oracle LicensingSave with Smart Licensing Every year we save our clients money with Smart, Volume, Licensing Options for Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, Upgrade, Migration services

Quick and Reliable

Develop, buy, implement, easy to use and efficient, Enterprise, Web, LoB Applications, Products, Mobile Apps, reliably, cost effectively and within tight timelines.

Integrated Products DevelopmentExploit our expertise and intellectual capital to reduce development time, licensing costs and get reliable systems to run your business efficiently

Celebrate 11 Years of productivity and efficiency solutions with our 900+ happy clients, 100+ projects, many of them running core business for our clients, globally.

Established in 1999, Envision IT is leading Melbourne based Software Company. We develop, upgrade, integrate, implement, maintain, support and sell software. With decades of experience, we cover all major technologies of the day and yesteryears such as dBase, Cobol, Unify, Ingres, device programming and a well-known name in 'innovation' projects . more>>

Focus on Delivery, rolling out fully functional software

Focus on DeliveryOur main differentiation with other software development practices lies in focus on 'delivery'. Compared to consulting that covers broader aspects, we operate on brass tacks. Our job is to deliver fully functional products, be it from concept, idea, sketchy details or full blown specifications developed by our clients.   completed. Our holistic and agile approach makes it happen.

Delivering Easy to Use, Enterprise Class Software for managing complex requirements

We are experts in delivering easy use enterprise class software to ease complex  processes and workflows,  quickly and reliably. We are behind many award winning products, R&D Projects and Products that drive core business of our clients.

Easy to use Enterprise Class SoftwareWe specialise in Enterprise, Web and Line of Business (LoB) software and Products development,  Upgrade and Support. Our team of  experts is based in Melbourne Australia that serves global markets.

Our work covers software and Products development, Mobile Enabling Enterprise Applications, R&D and  delivering 'End to End' IT solutions. Our End to End solutions involve Integration of software with other products such as SAP, Pay by Phone, Microsoft Dynamics,  Line of Business Applications, GIS, Mapping, Asset Management and with hardware devices  such as Smartphones and devices (Mobile apps), Cameras, RFID, Touchscreens, NFCs, Machines and Control systems.

We take full responsibility for our solutions that may involve components from different vendors.

Holistic Approach: Reliable, On time and On Budget, all the time

Holistic ApproachDecades of  experience in industry has taught us think holistically. Like human beings, software is social and interconnected. Our software development practice takes into account factors such as business process improvement, impact on people and other systems, integration with other systems, Software Licensing and hardware upgrade. As our design process takes all factors into account, you get reliable software delivered reliably.

In present evolution, technology may become outdated before it is launched. Therefore, we use agile software practices. Our experience and agile practices enable us deliver high quality software solutions at lower costs and lesser time.

Innovation, R&D Projects and Products Development  - From Concept to Fully Functional Product

We are leading contracted developers of Products, R&D Projects and Innovative Solutions. Our developed products drive business for our clients as integral part of their business process or being sold as product. Our developed solutions will streamline business process, make processes efficient, Enhance Productivity, reduce stress and get additional revenues. We work with clients registered for various government grants such as Innovative Voucher Program, Technology Voucher Program, Australian R&D Tax Incentive (formerly R&D Tax Concession) and many others. Our experience withy these programs means better quality of documentation for your claims.

Agile - Devise and Deliver Quickly to Save Upfront and Ongoing costs

Our well experienced consultants consider all factors surrounding your requirements e.g. hardware, software, networking, people, budgets, stakeholders and everything to propose solutions. This is just the beginning.

In present times, it is not easy to define everything and requirements change midway. Our agile process ensures that we quickly incorporate changes as they emerge so that you get a fully functional product to use upon delivery.

When you are with us, you do not have to waste time in writing elaborate specifications. We will do it for you, devise and deliver!

Save time, Save money with efficiency and higher productivity

Time Saved is money saved and money saved is money earned

Save time, Save moneyBut upfront lower costs can be deceptive. It is for this reason, we always advise our clients to consider all costs in development such as:

1. Specification Writing

2. Involvement of personnel  during development especially time spent in workshops and explaining

3. Testing by client staff including 'rework'

4. Loss in income due to projects completed late or delayed

5. Cost of minor changes and upgrades

6. Ongoing Support Costs

7. Cost of IT Staff

8. Cost of IT, hardware, Software Licensing, Networking, Staging (test) Servers

9. Cost of anticipated issues - Not Being Advised in advance

By devising and delivering projects in shorter time, while taking care of changing project requirements and lower ongoing support costs, we always are a better choice.

 100% Australian Owned and Operated

Australia Made Campaign PartnerWe are a 100% Australian owned and operated business under current management since 2002. All our work is done locally ensuring highest quality of work, Intellectual Property Protection, Security Clearances and losing no time or facts in translation.

 We offer products and services in a wide array of industry including Environment,  Facilities Management, Government,  Manufacturing, Parking, Property Management, Sustainability  industry. We develop solutions that are green, have a real economic need and will cut the cost of doing business.

We bring you the advantage of expertise, highly competitive prices and shortest possible delivery time. We are able to do so through our expert professional staff and highly evolved agile scrum practice practice that covers all aspects of software i.e. development, testing, licensing, system installation (including server, network, firewall issues) and configuration, support and ongoing maintenance.

 Technology Partners with all Major Vendors

Envision IT is Microsoft Gold and Silver Partner in multiple competencies, Oracle Gold Partner, Huawei Gold Partner, Autodesk Bronze Partner, Adobe Certified Partner and partners with other major industry vendors such as Android Apple, Blackberry (Research in Motion), Android, Cisco, Dell, SAP, Windows Mobile Development in different capacities to provide holistic solutions to our customers. We leverage our relationship with these vendors to bring you higher levels of expertise and lower cost of ownership

Envision IT partners with its customers to provide them best value for money. We proactively work with them to develop software that is easy to use and conforms to best industry practices. With a sound products development background, we are able to develop software that can be sold as products to other customers. We have also partnered with our customers to commercialise software to reduce their cost of ownership.

Envision IT's customers belong to different industry verticals such as entrepreneurs and venture capital companies that need to develop new products or proof of concept (PoC), corporate and general businesses that need to develop custom software or upgrade their existing software and software development business that need to develop, upgrade or support their products in Australia.

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