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Custom Software Development

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Develop Custom software, Enterprise and 'Line of Business (LoB)' Applications

The future is here and now! We live in a world changing faster than ever. We are moving to a world of driverless cars, augmented and virtual reality (AR, VR), artificial intelligence, etc. In a world with greater digital divide than ever, we look to develop applications that can be easily used by people of all generations and have a tech savvy status!

At Envision IT, we believe custom software is your best way to transform your organisation because:

  1. our development process is collaborative. This provides you and us a flexibility to develop and improve solution, within a broader set of requirements. It is different from straitjacketed approach of following specifications to the letter that often delivers poor and deficient software.
  2. being customised to your needs, our solutions are highly efficient and productive. Custom written code provides us tremendous flexibility and agility to make changes. We are not limited by 'feature not available' syndrome that is so common with 'Commercial off the shelf' software (COTS)'.
  3. We can deliver next generation functionality and train your users while doing so. This will take away their fears and concerns. Our software will integrate with your systems whether legacy or current!
  4. Our 'product development' mindset means our developed products and projects are highly reliable and ultra-low maintenance. Maintenance contracts are optional and there are no ongoing 'royalties' or 'licensing fees' to use the software! So, if you have that major system being implemented in tens or hundreds of locations or be used by thousands of users, why not contact us!
  5. You get all the support, whether or not under a maintenance contract!
  6. You are not locked in! You get the 'source code' that you can use for further development, just the same way as 'Open Source', but better and more reliable!
  7. MOST IMPORTANT - We are Fixed Cost and Fixed Time people. This means, no time and cost overruns to obtain your mega transformation. AND,

Read on or just call just call us 03 9802 5516or email us for a friendly chat! If you also do, then Contact us today or and find out why and how we do it?

If you are considering a multi-million investment or faced with a major threat from competition or onerous regulatory compliance, you will be glad you called us.

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Since 2002, Envision IT has been developing leading edge innovative software solutions. The software projects we have received have been complex; with technical, commercial and procedural challenges. New in their approach, they often added a new dimension which required user acceptance. Timelines were always tight. We consistently delivered these projects within budget and time. Our projects worked flawlessly in different environments. They won several awards to our clients and cemented their leadership position. Our client prepared case studies indicate tangible benefits saving them 40-85% effort, as well as many other benefits.

The success trail is continuing. In 2011, with the arrival of JLL (Formerly Jones Lang LaSalle), we added Enterprise and Line of Business (LoB) applications development to our portfolio.

Today, we specialise in mid to large size (50-250 month effort) Software Products, Enterprise and LoB Applications development. Our methodology (see description below) enables us deliver these projects quicker, typically between 6-9 months while incorporating changing or evolving requirements and user feedback.

If you have a mid to large size project that you have been procrastinating for the fear of time or cost overruns, a long delivery cycle or the delivery just not being right, contact us today on 03 9802 5516 or email Steve - 

Envision IT Software Development Practice

Audispect Architecture

In 2002, based on decades of experience in delivering challenging projects successfully, Steve laid foundation for Envision IT's unique software development methodology. It focused on 'functional requirements' and providing clients operational products for testing and feedback. The product was improved upon feedback, leading to user acceptance and the delight of project stakeholders.

The software development practice is improved with each project and has been applied to over 100 software projects, with improvements occurring continuously. In the present, our practice involves a series of prototypes that enable us to incorporate changing or evolving requirements and user feedback better than ever. This means, we deliver systems perfectly cut to the requirements of the day which users love! This eliminates need for costly rework and show stopping.

Our practice is suitable for mid to large size applications (50-250 months) and enables us deliver them in between 6-9 months. It is for this reason, our software development projects are 'fixed cost' even though the requirements may change or evolve. This is very unique to our approach and very helpful to clients as when the projects start and users get to see the systems (seeing is believing), they always come up with new requirements.

Our practice is very simple and its just that we have mastered it. 

The practice involves an App and/or web based front end and introducing a highly efficient conventional SQL or a big data database in the system. The database connects to legacy systems of the organisation and exchanges essential data with them. Envision IT builds new business functionality to manage day to day functions. This involves streamlining business processes, automating routine tasks such as import, export, report generation, alerts, automated emails, SMS, security, etc. The users access this system using apps or browser. In some cases, we may go the conventional 'client server' way.

Success of the system lies in developing a series of functional prototypes that enable users to test the system. The prototypes validate requirements and incorporate feedback without impacting timelines and scope. We bring innovative edge by providing productivity tools such as Speech / Voice Recognition, Handwriting Recognition, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, etc. While it may seem far fetched right now, these technologies are current. When you need them, we have the expertise to incorporate these into your systems in a way users will use it!

Types of Software Development Projects Delivered

  • New Custom Software Development

    Envision IT custom software practice is built over decades, based on long and wide range of experience in developing software for different industry verticals. While we work mainly in Microsoft and Oracle Technology platforms, our work often involves working in multiple technologies, from legacy technologies of the 80's to current Android, Apple, Blackberry, CISCO, Dell, HP, IBM, Kendo UI, SAP, Telerik and many other active technology majors.

    We use this experience to deliver high quality and highly reliable software marked by low maintenance. You have the option of adding features such as Speech / Voice / Handwriting recognition, Augmented / Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

    We cover complete 'Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)' of Software Development, embedded programming, Apple iOS, Android and Windows App Development, interface to devices, equipment, sensors, other software - such as Active Directory, ERP, CRM, etc. - Software Licensing, Installation and Migration of hardware, and Networking. Not all of this is needed by all clients.

  • Develop custom and Bespoke Software Applications

    This involves developing Custom Software Applications from concept, idea, bare or full blown specifications. The essential element in this exercise is that the software is to be written from scratch. We develop new software applications mainly in Microsoft and Oracle technologies. The applications will often be mobile enabled and deployed as an App on Android, Apple, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows or other devices  such IPhone, iPad, Windows Tablet, Microsoft Surface, Samsung Tablet or, they may have to be developed for the Cloud e.g. Amazon Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud and more. You have the option of adding features such as Speech / Voice / Handwriting recognition, Augmented / Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence etc.

  • Develop Software Products

     Comparing software applications that operate in somewhat controlled environments with well defined users, software products tend to operate in a generic manner. While operating environment is specified, a lot of variations exist because users use their own systems with different security settings. We started as a Software Products company in 2002 and have built over 100 products and prototypes so far. This experience equips us to develop your software product - be it integrated with devices or other software packages, APIs and Web Services - comfortably and within short times.

    The product can be a combination of conventional or web app or mobile app such as those for iPhone, iPad, Microsoft Surface, Samsung, Lenovo X1, etc. We provide development in all mobile app technologies such as Android, Apple, Blackberry, HP, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, etc. You have the option of adding features such as Speech / Voice / Handwriting recognition, Augmented / Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence etc.

  • Develop Enterprise and 'Line of Business (LoB)' Applications

    Compared to Software Applications and Products, Enterprise Applications and LoBs are characterised by their specific purpose nature and the fact that they are used enterprise wide. While in an enterprise, the Software Operating Environment (SOE) is controlled, these applications have to operate throughout the organisations, collecting and disseminating information from both internal and external users and stakeholders. Having developed many large Enterprise and LoB applications that have run the core business of our clients, we offer this expertise of Enterprise and LoB Applications development to drive your business to next level.

    We build in lots and lots of business intelligence, executive dashboards, charts and data analytics into these systems. You have the option of adding features such as Speech / Voice / Handwriting recognition, Augmented / Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence etc.

  • Develop Web Applications and Web Portals

    Most of our Applications and Products developed today are of Web or Internet nature. While we still have the expertise to develop highly efficient and reliable 'client-server' applications, their demand has fallen in recent years. The Web Applications are usually Web Portals delivering the client requirements, complete with users access, administrators, user reports and Executive Dashboards. Web Applications are often extended to Mobile Applications and Cloud enabled, as explained below. We build in lots and lots of business intelligence, executive dashboards, charts and data analytics into these systems.

  • Develop Mobile Applications and Cloud Enabled Applications and products

    We develop Mobile Applications for Android, Apple, Blackberry, Microsoft Windows (phone and windows 8) and Symbian devices. Our work often involves extending enterprise applications to Mobile Phones and Tablets such as iPads and rugged tablets. In some cases, gaming apps are also developed.

  • Develop APIs, Connectors, Plug Ins, Web Services

    APIs, Connectors, Plug Ins and Web Services development is an embedded capability within Envision IT. This is a specialised task that we are happy to offer to our clients as this gets them reliable and fully functional software quicker. Our experience ensures we consider all factors and their are no issues once the these interfaces go live. We also support them and upgrade them at nominal charges. It is a much better alternative to retaining expert staff for them.

  • Embedded Programming and writing device drivers

    As with APIs and more, writing Embedding Programs and Devices is embedded within Envision IT software development capability. However unlike API writing services, this is offered only when it is part of a project.

  • Develop Fast Reporting and Executive Dashboards

    Today most of our clients want and get 'visual' reports and executive dashboards. Based on our years of experience and sound skills in query writing, integration and automation, our reports often run faster. We use our in-house GUI skills or products such as Telerik and Kendo UI to develop attractive Executive Dashboards.

  • System Architecture Development

    System Architecture development is a part of the software development process and is also offered as a service to devices, small to large scale software applications and products. This brings an expert capability to our clients, who often need it for a short period of time.

  • Migration of Application and data to another

    This involves migrating application and data from one platform to another. Though previously used when the technologies or technology companies became extinct, we are seeing this movement now as organisations try to consolidate or diversify business to optimise cost and efficiency.

Decades of Experience with Proven Technologies and Methodologies

Since its inception in 1999, Envision IT has been developing Software Applications and products. This involves software delivery, new software applications and products development as well as upgrading existing software applications and products. Based on this experience and decades prior of senior management directors, we have built intellectual capital to deliver software projects faster and more reliably than others. Our Software Development Methodology involves Microsoft MSF Agile Framework blended with experience. We specialise in developing and upgrading Custom, Web, Enterprise and Line of Business (LoB) software and software products. This may involve extending the software to Mobile and Cloud Software, Developing APIs, Plug ins and Web Services, developing fast and slick Reports and executive dashboards and device embedded programming. Upgrade exercise may involve database upgrade and tuning, as well as cross platform migration of applications and data.

Almost all our new projects, be they new or upgrade involve App - or Browser based front end - and Big data based backend that may be used as 'middleware' to retain old systems, for big data analytics and Telerik, Kendo UI, KeyLine Network and Microstrategy graphs, charts and dashboards.

We work mainly in Microsoft and Oracle technology stack with complete in-house capabilities to develop interfaces and integration with all major technology vendors including but not limited to Android, Apple, Blackberry (research in motion), CA, CISCO, Dell, HP, IBM, Pin Safe, SAP. Learn more

Our developed projects are known for high quality, reliability and low maintenance over years. While developing solutions, we take in to consideration all factors such as human impact, current technology status, intended direction and anticipated technology decisions.

Our development task involves all types of software projects i.e. new Software Development, Upgrade Software, Integrate different applications, Mobile enable, Cloud Porting, Migrating Applications and data, Data Conversion, Database Tuning, Developing fast and efficient reports, Develop Dashboards.

Client prepared case studies indicate business efficiency improvement between 35-90%. When coupled with integration, automation and business process streamlining, this could be between 200-500%.

High Quality Solutions Delivered Fast

Envision IT has made a formidable reputation in delivering high quality solutions fast and reliably. We are often chosen when a project is difficult, time pressure critical and failure is not an option.

Turnaround Software Projects Faster
Capitalising on our long and wide experience in delivering complex projects involving hundreds of stakeholders, geographical terrains and fixing failed projects, we have developed intellectuals capital and processes that enables us deliver projects faster. We have many instances when we were engaged to deliver projects in the last minute and we completed them successfully.
High Quality and Reliable
Products and Software delivered by us are marked by very quality and reliability. It is for this reason maintenance costs are very low. We receive some of the lowest calls from clients in the industry. We follow Microsoft MSF for Agile software development Practice blended with our experience. Our high caliber project team consisting of top developers, analyst programmers and project managers ensure that we deliver the best outcome.
How we do it?
We have a very strong delivery focus. Our objective is to deliver right and collect the money. Most of our projects are fixed price with a significant sum tied to final closure. While we are committed to delivery, our stake in money provides a comfort to clients that they will have what they have been promised.