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Data ETL in Legacy Application Upgrade

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Managing Legacy Data in Legacy Application Upgrade

Master Data Online - Managing Data in Legacy Application UpgradeProspect and Master Data Online

When embarking upon old and legacy application upgrade, existing data raises several concerns. The concerns range from data being accurate in current format to suitability in the target application. Often, data extraction poses several challenges. The need is there for an easy extraction of data, ability to view it, edit is as required and then easily deploy.

Historically, data migration has been Envision IT's forte. Based on our experience, we can migrate data from any source system to target system. The source systems may belong to the 1980's. This usually was done through several ways, making use of vast amount of intellectual capital, scripts and practices.

In addition to existing capability, we are now offering a state of the art, Master Data Online tool from Prospecta. The tool is available to you on AWS or on Premise as needed. Using this tool, the legacy data can be extracted and viewed in easy formats such as MS Excel. We can make use of our data tools to manage it e.g. cleanse and make compliant to the target platform. Please call Steve on 03 9802 5516 or email today to know more.