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Bing Maps License Authorised Reseller for Australia and New Zealand

Licensing Bing Maps

Envision IT is Bing Maps Reseller for Australia and New Zealand. We sell and support both the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and Volume Licensing (VL). We are your first point of contact in relation to all Bing maps queries from within Australia, New Zealand and other neighbouring countries that have no Bing Maps reseller. We are explaining Bing Maps use and licensing below.

 The details provided below may not be sufficient. Therefore, please do hesitate to contact us to know more or seek further information or clarify your doubts. You can reach us by calling 03 9802 5516 from within Australia or +61 3 9802 5516 from outside Australia or emailing - bingmaps@envisionit.com.au

Visualise your applications with Bing Maps?

Bing Maps brings mapping and visualisation capabilities to every business application across the enterprise including database, CRM and third party software. The cloud-based service offers full integration with other Microsoft technologies and unlimited potential for application development.

Bing Maps Licensing offer cost effective solutions for mapping, best aerial for public websites, internal applications, Microsoft Dynamics, Power BI, Charities, NFPs, asset tracking applications, innovative projects, entrepreneurs. Envision IT extends the Bing Maps to customers in Australia and New Zealand by providing correct licensing to keep them compliant while keeping the costs low.

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When do you need to buy a Bing Maps License?

Bing Maps offers up to 125000 transactions Free per year. In general, you can use these transactions for Development, Test and Production Environment for your applications. There are some exceptions e.g. when you wish to use them in GIS and Asset Tracking. Charities and Not for Profit (NFP) are entitled some more allowances. Please view details of Bing Maps License Terms and Conditions by visiting "Microsoft® Bing™ Maps Platform APIs’ Terms Of Use" page.  

When your transactions exceed or are likely to exceed 125,000 in one year, then you need to purchase an appropriate Bing Maps license. Different types of Bing Maps licenses are explained below. Please be advised that free transactions do not apply to Asset Tracking Applications.

If in doubt, however small or minor it may seem, please contact us by calling 03 9802 5516 or +61 3 9802 5516 from outside Australia or emailing - bingmaps@envisionit.com.au.

Types of Bing Maps Licenses

First, you can purchase Bing Maps License as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Application Developer, SaaS Vendor OR as an End User. 

  1. Buying Bing Maps as End User: This applies when you are looking buy a Bing Maps directly for your own use e.g. for your company or yourself. Some example of this are: your in-house developed applications that require mapping or external applications such as Microsoft Dynamics, Power BI, ArcGIS and applications provided by other vendors that do not come with ISV license. You buy Bing Maps license as an end use under Volume License. The volume license in turn can be 'user based', 'transaction based' or 'Asset Tracking' type. These are explained below.
  2. ISV, SaaS Partner applications: When you are a software developer or a business that intends to resell Bing Maps as part your solution, then ISV license applies. It is easy to determine whether your application of End User or an ISV. Simply ask this question: Am I the end user and paying for the license (Volume License) OR I am reselling the Bing Maps to end users that could be individuals or businesses. This means that the end users do not sign an agreement with Bing Maps (ISV License). Bing Maps is not part of the SPLA program for ISV’s and is not available under volume license.

Second, you can purchase Bing Maps License on a User, Transaction or Asset Tracking Basis

Buying Bing Maps License as User

In general, you buy Bing Maps License as a user when the likely number of users is known and they are likely to use the application extensively. Likely scenario for this is applications used within a business or ISV / SaaS applications wherein users login to make use of Bing Maps. The users can be of two types, i.e.:

  1. Full Known Users: Full known users require to use Bing mapping extensively such as map editing, updating locations, integration with GIS systems, higher use i.e. 100,000 total requests per day or 20 requests per user, whichever is greater, 5 million total forward or reverse geocoding requests per year etc.
  2. Light Known users: Compared to Full Known users, Light Known users have browser based access, they can view maps from database, preset thematic mapping and have daily operational limit of 25,000 requests per day or 10 requests per user.

Buying Bing Maps License on a Transaction Basis

In general, you buy Bing Maps Transaction License when the likely number of users is unknown or they too large and likely to use the application little. Likely scenario for this is applications developed for large corporations, universities, ISV applications that attract a lot of users but they possibly use the application only once in a while e.g. registering for parking, finding accommodation, finding campuses etc. The Bing maps transaction license can be of two types i.e. Internal Website Transactions or Public Website Transactions. These are explained below:

  1. Internal Website Transactions: When the application is used within a business or ISV provided application wherein users have to login and NOT anybody in general public can register, then it is treated as an Internal Website transaction. As you can see, a qualifying criterion applies e.g. a university may require users to be student, staff or contractors, a business may require them to be employees or contractors or for an ISV, users should be willing to pay (whether or not they pay) etc..
  2. Public Website Transactions: Compared to Internal Website Transactions, an application is considered a Public Website when anybody can access it or register to access it. Examples of such websites are - address finders, store finders, parking finders etc. wherein users make searches. Please be advised there are many highly sophisticated applications that also fall in public domain.

Buying Bing Maps License for Asset Tracking

In general, you buy Bing Maps Transaction License when you need to track an asset. To assess whether an application involves asset tracking is slightly complicated and requires a conversation. The asset tracking license is region specific. You need to buy a separate license for the region where the asset is located. The regions for Asset Tracking are:

  1. Tracked Assets (Excluding, Europe, America and India): When the assets are located in regions other than Europe, America and India. Please contact us if you require asset tracking in India.
  2. Tracked Assets for Europe: When the Assets to be tracked are located with Europe
  3. Tracked Assets for North America: When the Assets to be tracked are located in the North America

The explanations may turn out to be complicated! So do not hesitate, if you are located in Australia, New Zealand or neighboring countries, please contact us for further assistance. You can reach us by calling 03 9802 5516 in Australia or +61 3 9802 5516 from outside Australia or emailing - bingmaps@envisionit.com.au