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New Possibilities with Ubiquitous Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are now present everywhere. Envision IT is now CISCO Meraki partner and brings you the power to stay connected wirelessly. They open a new window of opportunities. Cisco Meraki enables you:

1.Analyse foot traffic through smartphones and smart devices

2.Promote your brand with 'Wi-Fi Available Here' sign

3.Develop location-aware applications with us to create new revenue opportunities and

4.Increase customer loyalty

Collect anonymous data about foot traffic or any visitor, optimise your Guest Wi-Fi for Branding and open up APIs for location based apps through CISCO Meraki's 100% cloud-managed user analytics and engagement tools.

CISCO Meraki Options

CMX for Enterprise

Purpose-built for Cisco Enterprise WLANs Optimized for flexibility and control Managed on-premise Cisco Meraki enterprise offers you tools to enable you manage your WLANS using tools installed on-premise. This is useful in enterprise environment involving large transactions.

Cloud CMX

Purpose-built for Cisco Meraki WLANs Optimized for ease of management Cloud managed. The cloud based tools provide convenience if management from anywhere and suitable for all implementations. Why Cloud?

The cloud increases IT efficiency. It provides an easy turnkey installation and management. Cloud is integrated and always up to date with features. Scales from small sites to large campuses Reduces operational costs


Provides easy turnkey installation and easy to use management utilities. It is integrated and always up do date with features.


Cloud implementations provide easy scalability as the new hardware can be easily provisioned. Cloud implementation can be used from small set ups or sites to large campuses or shopping centres, hospitals etc.

Cost Savings

Cloud drastically reduces operational costs and capital expenditure. In many cases it is 'on demand' and allows optimised consumption.

Optimised for a Distributed Environment

Manage multiple sites, brands, traffic, compare sites using this dashboard. Cisco offers strong privacy controls:

1.Anonymous visitor analytics MAC addresses of unconnected users are cryptographically hashed for anonymity Data privacy

2.End-users may opt out of CMX across all Cisco Meraki customer networks at

3.Cisco does not sell, share, or correlate location data

4.Global opt-out

5.Cloud infrastructure is strongly secured, PCI compliant, and subjected to 3rd party security audits

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