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Since its inception in 2002, software licensing has been an integral part of Envision IT’s business. Today, Envision IT is a leading Melbourne-based licensing specialist with more than 1800 unique clients on its books. As a licensing company, Envision IT offers comprehensive software licensing solutions for businesses across Australia. Our team of professionals can help you navigate the complexities of main software licencing solutions to make sure that you get the right licences for your individual needs. We partner with major vendors such as Adobe, AWS Cloud, Azure Cloud, CISCO MERAKI, DELL, ESET (antivirus and other solutions) Microsoft (Office 365, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power BIT, perpetual licenses, servers Surface and Surface Hub devices), Quest, Veeam, VMware, USecure and many more to provide cost-effective solutions and expert services to optimise your licensing strategy.

By taking a smarter approach to licensing that targets your organisations specific needs, we can save you between 10 and 60% percent on your current licensing solution.

We'd love to help keep you up to date with your licensing needs. You can find out more about the vendor solutions we partner with by selecting your software requirement below, or get in touch with us

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BING MAPS licensing

Bing Maps brings mapping and visualisation capabilities to every business application across the enterprise including database, CRM and third party software. The cloud-based service offers full integration with other Microsoft technologies and unlimited potential for application development. Envision IT extends the Bing Maps to customers in Australia and New Zealand by providing correct licensing to keep them compliant while keeping the costs low.

Bing Maps


Envision IT offers three of its own products to businesses i.e. Green Travel Program, Envision Carpooling and Going Places. The programs were developed in 2003-2005 and are continually upgraded. Know more about Envision IT Products and how to purchase them>>


Envision IT is Volume licensing Specialist for Mid Market Solutions and provides Microsoft licensing Solutions on Microsoft. Our advantage lies in creating a holistic solution for our clients that fully integrates their business process with the latest technology and is highly productive.

Windows OS

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7, 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows CE

Microsoft SQL

Databases: MS SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014, Enterprise, Standard, CALs, All license types including volume licensing

MS Sharepoint

MS SharePoint - Product Sales, Implementation and development of Microsoft SharePoint Solutions

MS Exchange

MS Exchange - Product Sales, Implementation and configuration of Microsoft Exchange Solutions

MS Lync

MS Lync - Product Sales, Implementation and configuration of Microsoft Lync Solutions

Visual Studio

Visual Studio - Product Sales, Implementation and configuration of Microsoft Visual Studio Development Environment such as Visual Studio Ultimate, consulting to optimise your development set up most cost effectively.

Office 365

Microsoft 365: Cloud computing solutions such as Microsoft 365.


Upgrade and Migrate: Microsoft Products complete with Applications and data to Current versions and new hardware, on a fixed cost, turnkey solution basis, if needed.


Envision IT brings you smart and cost effective Oracle Database licensing and Fusion Integration solutions. Envision IT offers expert services for Oracle plug in, APIs development with disparate products and ERPs from other vendors such as IBM, SAP or products such as Swivel, Payment gateways etc. We offer installation and support services.

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