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Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services

Assess and secure applications and products against ACSC Software Development Guidelines

Envision IT Cyber Security practice carries out assessment of software applications and products against 218 secure coding practices as defined under Information Security Model (ISM) of ACSC within its 'Essentials Eight' initiative. Our practice covers assessing and preparing a comprehensive report for:

The comprehensive report covers all aspects under the guidelines and provides a pdf report for executive and technical team and an Excel sheet mainly for the technical team. Based on this, the technical team can carry out the upgrade task or we can do it for you. The report is prepared in collaboration with your team.

Please ask for methodology and example report by calling or emailing us.

As a cyber security company, Envision IT offers to implement secure systems with minimal disruption, without taxing the business and IT and at lowest possible costs and timeframes.

Our cyber security services cover:

  1. Assess applications and products against ACSC Software Development Guidelines: We assess old and legacy applications against ACSC software development guidelines and provide you with an easy to understand report. When you wish to go ahead, then we upgrade and improve your software applications to make it ACSC guidelines compliant and operationally efficient. You may ask for a sample report. Please visit software upgrade page for further details.
  2. Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scans: They may cost as little as $500.00 EX GST to begin with.
  3. Implementing Cyber Security Measures: We implement cyber security measures on the systems at risk, whether legacy or current to meet the regulatory and functional requirements.
  4. Implement Security Dashboard for Management and IT: We implement security dashboards such as 'Splunk' that provide you status of your systems' cyber security in real-time, with alerts in an easy to understand language.
  5. Virtual Cyber Security Officer (Virtual CSO): Concerned about ongoing support, make use of our 'Virtual CSO'. It costs between $250 - 3000 EX GST for small to medium businesses and provides you with expert advice and assistance in keeping your systems updated with cyber security measures.

Implement ISO 27001 in tight timeframes and budgets

While ISO 27001 Certification had been a highly desirable requirement by Defence, Health, Court Services etc., with time more and more organisations mandating it or making a highly desirable requirement to do business with them. ISO 27001 implementation involves significant effort and costs. When new to this, organisations often struggle on where to start. There is so much such as:

  • Upgrading and securing old systems: Many systems are old, cyber security risk but they are lifeline of the organisation and equally difficult to upgrade.
  • Changing business processes to meet ISO 27001 requirements: To comply with ISO 27001, the business processes require a change and the users need training so that it becomes natural part of their working.
  • Implementing new systems such as redundancy: ISO 27001 certification often requires implementing new systems for monitoring, redundancy etc.
  • Implementing Systems for ongoing compliance: Implementing systems for ongoing compliance
  • Internal Audit and assistance in final audit: We provide assistance in internal audit and final audit.

We assist you in smoothly implementing ISO 27001 compliant systems, training your stakeholders and audit without a hefty price tag! So contact us today!

What if we could implement cyber security systems without disruption, long timeframe or hefty price tag? Implementing ISO 27001 system doesn't have to be difficult. Our proven methodology will save you time and money and train your staff to get used to the new regime of cyber security smoothly!

When it comes to upgrading legacy systems, there's almost nothing we can't do.
If you'd like to explore the possibilities for your legacy system, we'd love to chat.
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Penetration Testing and Venerability Scans

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scans enable you discover issues in your systems. Using latest tools, we conduct these tests and provide you report in an easy to understand language and liaise with IT and Software Developers to fix them.


Fixing cyber security issues

We work with your IT and Software teams to fix the cyber security issues. This may involve upgrading or securing hardware and software at risk. When required, we provide resources or take on these tasks on a 'fixed cost' and 'fixed time' basis so that the issues get fixed in required timeframes.


Ongoing Cyber Security Management with Virtual CSO

Our Virtual CSO provides you with ongoing support for managing cyber security threats and managing cyber security of the systems. This involves guidance in maintaining systems, provisioning systems such as 'Splunk' for providing security dashboard and resources as needed to implement new systems.

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