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MAV ICT Professional and Leasing Services (ES8111-2021) Panel

MAV ICT Panel ES8111

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MAV ICT Panel for Professional and Leasing Services (ES8111-2021)

MAV Procurement | Certified Supplier

Envision IT is proud to selected forthe MAV Procurement Panel for the provision of 'ICT Professional and Leasing Services (ES8111-2021)' Under this 3+2+2 year arrangement, we look forward to delivering our services at the agreed, highly competitive rates. We bring you the advantage of innovation and delivery of highly reliable solutions in fixed costs and fixed time. The offering covers:

Software Development

Software Development: Our software development covers a wide variety of activities such as:

  • Concept and scope development
  • Develop or upgrade Software Products
  • Develop Line of enterprise grade 'Line of Business Applications (LoB)'
  • Develop or upgrade (developed by in-house or third party or when the previous vendor is not available) software applications
  • Application Migration from one technology / platform to another or version upgrade
  • Data Migration from any technology / Platform to another
  • Cloud Migration of On-premise application with upgrade and business transformation
  • Cloud development e.g. AI and Data Analytics on AWS, Azure, Google, MySQL or Oracle Cloud, Dynamics CRM, Power BI, Database Applications on Oracle or MySQL Cloud and many others
  • Business and Digital transformation, from paper based or basic electronic applications to next generation applications, transitioning users
  • Mobile device enablement, applications and apps development for existing or new applications (as part of LoB applications)
  • Cyber Security Solutions to strengthen vulnerable applications, databases and hardware
  • Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scan, fixing issues emerging from Penetration testing or Vulnerability Scan
  • ISO 27001 compliance solutions to set up data loggers, redundant systems, strengthening security
  • Integration with existing software such as Accounts and Finance, CRM, ERP, Pay by Phone, Payment Gateways, Warehousing Systems, PLC, SCADA, devices such as cameras, IoT, RFID and equipment such as boom gates, motors, pumps etc.
  • Next generation technology including virtual reality, augmented reality, speech, handwriting and voice recognition
  • AI and Chat Bots on AWS, Azure, Google and Oracle Cloud
  • Best way for implementing Large Business and Digital Transformation Projects
  • Engineering Design (separately covered under SellCAD for pure design tasks)
Delivering High Quality, Highly Reliable Solutions

Solutions: We provide fully integrated and high reliable solutions for:

  • Improving productivity of efficiency of systems that have fallen behind
  • Innovative GIS Applications, making use of open source or commercial sources, GIS training
  • Innovative Parking and Asset Management solutions for assets that involve booking, allocation, permits etc.
  • Our parking solutions cover on-street parking, off street parking, display of parking on public maps such as Google and Bing, parking signage audit, electronic permits for residents, shopkeepers, shopping centres, wharfs etc.

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