Defence and IoT Cyber Security

Defence and IoT Cyber Security

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Whether it be due to the exchange of classified information over the internet, or the sensitivity of the mission critical systems that we develop, cyber security is elemental to all our products. Our approach to cyber security is unique, stemming from our production of customised solutions for a wide range of public and private sector customers. This has given us a breadth of expertise in upgrading, maintaining and integrating applications with security in mind.

At its core, Envision IT specialises in customised product and line of business applications development. These include software that run globally, engineered products such as aircraft blades and integrated applications like DK Sense – an IoT product for manufacturing automation. Due to the variable nature of our solutions, we tailor cyber security for each of our products. This enables us to deliver the innovation and R&D projects we are known for with certainty – and within time and budget. This enables us to offer Cyber Security Assessment, Security Architecture, Secure Supply Chain, Governance, Risk and Compliance, and more.

Envision IT for Defence

Envision IT was established in 2002. We are known for consistently delivering complex and challenging projects, quickly. We have consistently delivered more than 100 projects because of our unique methodology which realises that desired outcomes are often different to stated specifications. We recognise and embrace the fact that requirements and specifications evolve as the project progresses. ‘Collaboration, Innovation and Iteration’ are the three pillars of our methodology. We have proven our mettle in successfully delivering highly complex and challenging projects for Government such as 'Project CAAT' for 'Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC), Project Tomas for 'Court Services Victoria (CSV)' and ESP for JLL, a Fortune 500 company.

The experience in delivering a wide breadth of projects spanning several industry domains including but not limited to engineering design such as 'Sikorsky Award' winning Aitcraft Blades, Hydrualic Jacks, Audit Systems, Chat Bots, Voice Recognition Systems that extend to AR/VR. Furthermore, our team today consists of experts in cyber security who are in the forefront of cyber security for IoT and other critical applications, former Defence personnel with security clearances, access to a highly secure premises and ability to provide services on site, at ACT, NSW, SA and Victoria. This capability is the reason for our foray in Defence. We are primarily offering three key services i.e.

  1. Maintain, Sustain and Upgrade old and Legacy Applications
  2. Develop next generation products and Line of Business (LoB) systems integrating applications e.g. SAP, devices and equipment, including but not limited to developing APIs, Web Services, Interfaces, complete applications for specific functionalities from simple ones such as calendar, timesheet, task management to complete LoBs
  3. Cyber Security involving IoT and old applications upgrade


We bring you four proven capabilities i.e.

  1. Quicker delivery of complex, challenging and R&D projects
  2. Multi-technologies expertise, from legacy applications such as COBOL, FORTRAN, MS ACCESS to the next generation such as AI, Automation, Data Analytics, integration with devices, equipment, sensors and systems such as Salesforce, SAP, PLC, SCADA and more
  3. Innovative solutions customised for your specific needs e.g. IoT Cyber Security, data analytics, BYOD etc.
  4. Smooth and without risk approach to Develop, Upgrade and Streamline business systems, within budget and tight timeframes


  1. Experts in Quick Delivery of complex, challenging and R&D Projects
  2. Highly reliable systems known to run without support for years
  3. Proven methodology renowned for consistently delivering projects successfully and with amazing outcomes for 17 years
  4. Former Defence persons with security clearances for secure work

Project Management and Quality Standards

We support PRINCE 2 and PMP project Management. Our quality standards conform to standards specified by the client e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 13407, W3C etc. All our staff tertiary qualified with decades of experience and defence persons with security clearances for highly secure and on site deployments.

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Please contact us for further information, case studies and whitepapers such as 'IoT Cyber Security'. Please Call +61 3 9802 5516 or or use the Contact Form